Specialized Services for ID/DD Agency Providers


Affinity has independently licensed mental health practitioners (LIMHP) in Lincoln, Omaha and Kearney, NE. Our therapists have decades of experience in the mental health and intellectual developmental disability field as well as completing Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Support Plans.

Crisis Intervention Support (CIS)

Services designed to address temporary increased behavior or severe occurrences of behavior. Must be provided under the direction of a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner. Service includes:
  • Development of habilitative strategies, training, and technical assistance to carry out the plan
  • Support implemented within 48 hours of request, this is intensive & short term
This service may be added to an individuals plan when their tier level may not sufficiently address temporary increased or severe occurrences of behavior.
Crisis Intervention Support is carried out in accordance with Functional Behavioral Assessments and direction of the Consultative Assessment Service provider.

Services for the entire State

If we are unable to physically travel to your location, Affinity has the capability to provide services to a person via a telehealth virtual video service!

Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral Assessments (FBA) are comprehensive detailed assessments for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities that find the reason behind why a certain behavior is occurring.
  • Individual, family, provider or Service Coordination may contact us to inquire about services
  • MCO must pre-authorize service
  • One of our friendly Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioners will complete:
    • Initial Diagnostic Interview (IDI)
    • Behavioral Assessment (FBA)
    • Development of Behavior Support Plan (BSP)

Consultative Assessment Services

Person must have a Functional Behavioral Assessment in order for services to occur. Information from the FBA is the basis of Consultative Assessment Services. This service is necessary to improve the participant’s independence and inclusion in their community. Services must be provided by a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and include:
  • Behavior Support Plan (BSP) development, implementation & staff training
  • Clinical oversight as needed for individuals

Learn How Affinity Can Provide Total Mental Health Wellbeing by Connecting Regular Outpatient Therapy With More Intensive Services as Needed

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